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10/22/23 i fixed the button :3

09/23/23 i gave into my phoenix wright obsession hashtag lore moment...

09/21/23 i keep deciding back and forth with this but i think im going to actually change my site layout this time. i think its that time in my life...........

08/10/23 not an update but stupid ass carrd bitches keep deleting their graphics pages, i swear to GOOODDD that ill get them, get them ALLL

06/10/23 all ive been doing is updating my site these days bc im a little loser but i updated my status cafe and added some more stamps PLUS i got a countdown for btsv pls watch atsv ok love u guys

06/07/23 little late but i changed my blog layout and added a review page!! go check them out [spiral emoji]

04/20/23 guess who got into the shinee fanlisting AND THE RIKU ONE... I WINN I WINNNNNNNN today was so yummy like after 3:50 pm cant wait for tmr uhmm read my blog too ig!! i updated it its awesome today [spiral emoji] that should be it i think gtg its like 1 am on a thursday ermmm..

04/08/23 happy bday to the best shinee member can i just add myself to the shinee fanlisting like who really cares yk :/ anywho plss check out my other pagess and sign my guestbookkk ive been upating those things quite frequentlyyy thanksss ^^

03/23/23 added fanlisitings and a few more to come and have been updating my blog as well as i just updated my abt me :3

2/26/23 abt me and blog are getting updates and are currently up if u wanna visit! tysm to everyone who gave my site some love yesterday/these past couple days i really appreciate it it gets me motivated :3

2/19/23 WELCOME TO SQTZ 3!! i think idek LOL anyways uhm huge wip rn. this box especially ughhh i hate this T-T (i stay up until 7am doing all this...)